Metal Critter Nation Cage for Degus

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If I didn’t already have an awesome cage for my degus I think one of my top options would be a Ferret/Critter Nation Cage. I used to live with someone who had 4 ferrets and he purchased one of these ferret nation cages for them and they really are wonderful cages. You’d need to do some custom work to make sure there’s a way to keep bedding in the bottom without access to the plastic the degus could chew through.

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The prices on amazon are really good too. It’s a lot lower than list prices at private stores and the shipping isn’t too bad either.

The quality of the Ferret Nation and Critter Nation is good. They’re wonderful cages and while it definitely takes two people to build them – once they’re built they’re very sturdy and reliable.

I especially like that the Ferret Nation cages are expandable – I dunno about you but if I had it my way my degus would have a whole room to play in!

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  1. Super ifnomravtie writing; keep it up.

  2. I have a critter nation cage of my own. Its a great peice of work and my goos’ love it. But i cant agree more about the part about the plastic trays. When i was actually researching the cage, it told me (and showed me) That all the trays were steel. But of course, they were plastic. The corners DO need to be covered because mine already has a three inch hole in the side. You can purchase metal level trays for about 30$ in Canada. I’m thinking about it as a future investment.

  3. Alex – I’d probably stick with a board & wing nuts to attach some levels unless you can be sure the metal trays won’t have any raw edges. Metal is easier to clean but wood is just as easy to replace and provides a more natural habitat with more options for re-arranging and safe chewable surfaces.

    My boys love it when we clean and re-arrange their cage. They spend hours running around seeing where everything is and what’s different and scoping their new corners to run and hide (or eat) their treats in.