Easy Affordable Degu Home

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Not handy enough to build your own degu cage, but want something affordable and fun for your kids? Here’s a cage recipe to consider:

Use an Aquarium Tank for Your Degu’s Base Home

Get a ten gallon tank, if you don’t already have one! A tank is a good base for a degu cage cause it stops bedding from getting everywhere on our human floors. Check at local pet stores, big box pet stores and places like Walmart and Target for the best price.

Even Craigslist often has a lot of pet supplies such as tanks for great prices. And since you’re using the tank for a small animal waterproof sealing it’s as essential so you may find some good deals by just looking around.

A Cage Topper on an Aquarium Increases your Degu’s Living Space

Next get your hands on an aquarium cage topper. It’s best to get one with wire mesh platforms and ramps. You may choose to not use them but they’re a better backup option than the plastic your little Degus will chew right through.

Wire Cages mean Wire Accessories like Climbing Perches for Your Degu

Now that you have wire mesh you can use all the fun attachments like the awesome leap n’ ledge or a lava ledge (which will help keep those talons…er I mean nails, on your degu from getting out of control.

Make Sure your Degu can Climb and Leap to all the New Places to Explore

And don’t forget to give your degus a way to get up to the ledges and perches – maybe with more branches, or wooden bird ladders

A good wander around any pet store will reveal many degu play things and habitat additions. From the small animal section to birds and reptiles. There’s not a lot of specialized degu products out there so keep an eye out for degu safe items to improve your habitat and make it more interesting.

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