Bitter Spray to Stop Degus from Chewing on their Cage

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One of my degus, Sneakers, seems to love to chew on his cage. He mostly does it for attention so I try to reward him when I come to the cage and he doesn’t chew with a treat and I did my best to ignore his chews.

He got new toys to occupy himself and hours out of his cage in degu paradise (the spare room) and still he wouldn’t let up on the chewing. I was reminded of the spray I had used on a puppy my family had growing up. A bitter spray that stopper her from chewing on the furniture. I figured it was well worth a try.

Pet Organics Chew-Stop for Dogs – Did NOT Work

Pet Organics Chew-Stop for Dogs Spray

Pet Organics Chew-Stop for Dogs Spray

Being kind of green conscious, especially when it comes to taking care of my little ones, I first went with the organic product. It was one of about 6 options at PetCo. I looked for products that were safe to spray on furniture and fabric, not just fur. Many stop chewing sprays are primarily for dogs and cats to stop them from chewing on wounds or rashes.

I brought it home and sprayed it on a paper towel. I wiped the inside of the cage, the bars, with the towel and let Sneakers back in. He sniffed a bunch of the bars then took a lick. Next thing I knew he was chewing away as usual. I re-applied to see if that might help but unfortunately it didn’t.

I rated this as a failure. So I strayed it on a fresh paper towel and, I hate to admit it, but I licked it. This was possibly the least bitter thing I had ever tasted.


0.5 / 5 Paws

Thank goodness PetCo has a 30 day return policy. I brought it back and exchanged it for the next product.

Fooey Training Aid – Highly Recommended

Fooey Training Aid Bitter Spray

Fooey Training Aid Bitter Spray

I felt like since I didn’t try the last bitter spray before I left the store, I ought to try this one in the aisle. Big mistake! It was super bitter I almost spit it out on the floor in the store. It instantly spread into every part of my mouth and throat. I bought it and spit my way out to the car to drink the Pepsi I had in my cup holder.

I used the same method to apply: I sprayed it onto a paper towel then wiped it on the interior of the cage bars. I dabbed it again in the spots he chews most to make sure it stuck and didn’t wipe off.

I let Sneakers back in and he sniffed and sniffed and sniffed about his cage. I was glad I wiped down the whole thing because he went and sniffed bars I have never seen him chew. He opened his mouth to chew on a bar and before his teeth hit the metal he backed off. Tried another stop and backed off. This product looks like it might break his chewing on the bars habit. This one gets 3 out of 5 paws from me!

I’ll update on the progress in a week or two here!


3 / 5 Paws

Warning: This spray gets everywhere – ends up on my hands often which stinks when I sit down with some popcorn and chips. Be sure to wear gloves and wash your hands after handling these bitter spray bottles.

I’m always sure to leave lots of good to chew toys for degus in the cage and now he’ll keep his teeth worn down safely and quietly!

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